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Easy Dashboard Light Color Swap

Swapping Cluster Globes to Colored LED Glows: A Straightforward Process

Embarking on a DIY project to change the dashboard light color can transform your car’s interior from mundane to magnificent. The key lies in removing the dashboard carefully and identifying the correct lamp type and wattage for your dashboard illumination. With a variety of colored lamps available online or at local stores, selecting your desired color becomes an exciting part of the makeover. Whether you’re aiming for a cool blue ambiance or a warm red/orange glow, the choice is yours.

The process involves swapping cluster globes with colored LED glows, which is surprisingly straightforward and less time-consuming than anticipated. Begin by accessing the LEDs; this might require removing several panels and screws around the steering column and shroud, employing a bit of force without causing damage to the clips or plastic tabs. The transition from traditional incandescent bulbs to 360-degree LEDs ensures an even spread of light, eliminating the dreaded hot spot effect and offering an improved dash look.

Upgrading to LEDs not only enhances the illumination but is also a fun car modification project that addresses the boredom of standard dashboard colors. With the cluster globes replaced, wiring harnesses reconnected, and everything secured back in place, the difference in your vehicle’s interior ambiance will be night and day. Remember, this modification is not just about aesthetics; it’s about personalizing your space to reflect your style, whether it’s through the cool tones of blue LED bulbs or the vibrant red and orange shades reminiscent of models like Swift/NHC.

From Manik DA Mechanic’s late night work to the shared experiences of countless enthusiasts online, the community’s tips and tricks, such as using a permanent marker or fluorescent paper as a bulb cap, can add a unique touch to your project car. And if you’re ever in doubt, consulting platforms like SZ Autos or diving into the internet for a guide on the specifics, like the NB mx-5’s illumination quirks, can prove invaluable.

In the end, what starts as a simple color change can evolve into a comprehensive dashboard revamp, complete with aftermarket LEDs, cluster swapping, and a newfound appreciation for the instrument panel lights. It’s a testament to how a little modification can bring significant enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

How To Change The Color Of Your Speedometer!!

Transforming Your Dashboard’s Glow

Embarking on the journey to change the color of your speedometer from basic orange to any hue that suits your fancy doesn’t have to be daunting. Thanks to a huge shout out to Eggs and Ur Jacob B4 for the inspiration, and echoing the opinions of many, this guide simplifies the process. Start by sourcing your lights from, where PL SMD surface mount LEDs await at just 39 cents a pop, available in a spectrum from blue to UAV. Whether your vehicle is a TC or another model, a bit of car research ensures you pick the right LEDs.

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Removing the speedometer trim is step one, easily done with a Philips head screwdriver and a gentle tug, mindful of the wires and fragile black tabs. With the clear tabs and back piece aside, focus on the needles, especially the black needles which, with the aid of two spoons and a steady hand, can be removed to reveal the board and LCD screen beneath. The soldering process might intimidate some, but with tweezers, patience, and attention to the indentation and arrows indicating LEDs orientation, you’re set to breathe new life into your dashboard.

Once soldered, it’s all about reassembly and customization. Want a different needle color? A bit of scraping with a razor, followed by a touch of paint applied with a q-tip, and your speedometer’s needles can match or contrast your new LEDs. The final step—reassembly—is a reverse journey that ends with a satisfaction unmatched by most DIY car mods. And for those eager to share or seek further guidance, Instagram awaits your DMs. Whether it’s a learning curve or a smooth ride, this project is bound to inject personality into your rides, making every glance at the speedometer a reminder of your creativity and handiwork. Here’s to hoping your rest of the day is as bright and colorful as your new dashboard—peace out!

Do You Know What is the Best Color For Dash Lights?

When considering how to change dashboard light color, it’s crucial to understand that red light is the most eye-friendly option available. With its wavelength of 605 nanometers, red-orange lighting not only ensures visibility without strain but also minimizes fatigue during long night drives. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for drivers seeking comfort and safety. While the process might seem daunting, especially when pondering, “Generally, how much does it cost to change dashboard lights?” it’s reassuring to know that the average cost quoted by mechanics stands at $951. However, this investment significantly enhances your driving experience by ensuring the dashboard lights are not only functional but also gentle on the eyes, making every journey more pleasant.

How to Change the Color Of Your Interior Dash lights?

Changing the color of your interior dash lights can significantly enhance the ambiance of your car’s interior, making driving at night a visually pleasing experience. If you’re adept with electronics, the process involves disassembling the cluster and desoldering the old LEDs, then carefully soldering in new ones. This task might seem daunting due to the LEDs’ minuscule size—often compared to a grain of rice—which can be a challenge for those with larger fingers. However, with patience and precision, the transformation is rewarding. For instance, swapping orange LEDs for white or red ones to match the instrument cluster creates a cohesive look that many drivers prefer over the mixed red/white and orange dashboard lights. Some enthusiasts, like VibeBear and RobK from Genvibe, share their journeys of replacing red LEDs with blue, or experimenting with green, to personalize their vehicle’s dashboard lighting. Their stories underscore that while the process can be tedious, especially with the careful placement of the needles on the gauges, the satisfaction of customizing your dash lights to your taste is worth the effort. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek white, a cool blue, or a vibrant red, the key is in the how-to, leveraging online resources and community advice to ensure a successful change.

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How Do You Change an Instrument Panel light?

  • Turn off the power to the cluster to ensure safety before starting the process.
  • Remove the lens with care, using a gentle prying motion to avoid any damage.
  • With a soldering iron, carefully remove the existing lights, taking care not to harm the circuit board.
  • Clean the circuit board and lights area thoroughly to prepare for the new lights.
  • Use solder and a soldering gun to securely add the new lights to the cluster, ensuring a solid connection.
  • Reattach the lens meticulously, ensuring it fits back into place perfectly.
  • Turn on the power to the cluster to test the new lights. You’re all set to enjoy the updated look!
  • It’s very critical to possess prior experience with similar electronics work to avoid any mishaps. If uncertain, it’s advisable to have a professional service undertake the task for optimal results and safety.

This streamlined approach allows for a concise understanding of the process involved in changing an instrument panel light, emphasizing the importance of experience and precision in electronics work.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Dashboard Lights?

The cost to replace dashboard lights can fluctuate significantly, primarily influenced by the type of vehicle, the complexity of the job, and the labor rates in your locality. On average, vehicle owners should expect to pay between $50 and $100 for this service. This range accounts for a straightforward replacement in most common vehicles but can vary for those with more complex dashboard assemblies or higher-end models. It’s essential to consider these factors when budgeting for the enhancement of your vehicle’s interior aesthetics through dashboard light replacement.

How Do I Change The light Bulb In My Instrument Cluster?

Changing the light bulb in your instrument cluster involves a few simple steps and basic tools: a small flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and the correct replacement bulb. First, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to identify the fuse box location and the specific type of light bulb needed. After locating the fuse that powers the instrument cluster, remove it using the Phillips head screwdriver for safety. Next, identify the burnt-out bulb within the cluster; utilize the flathead screwdriver to release the retaining clip, allowing you to twist and remove the bulb socket. Carefully insert the new bulb into the socket, ensuring not to touch the bulb’s glass with your fingers, to avoid any damage or decrease in lifespan. Secure it back with the retaining clip, replace the fuse, and close the fuse box. With these steps, your instrument cluster lighting should be as good as new, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your dashboard.

Can I Change My Dashboard lights?

Yes, changing your dashboard lights is a feasible DIY project that can refresh the look of your vehicle’s interior. To start, you’ll need to acquire a light bulb replacement kit tailored to your specific vehicle model. Such kits come with all necessary components and instructions for a seamless replacement process. Removing the old light bulbs and installing the new ones is straightforward and typically requires no more than a few minutes. For those who may feel hesitant about undertaking this task themselves, professional assistance is readily available. Taking your car to a mechanic or dealership for light bulb replacement ensures the job is executed proficiently, albeit for a small fee. Whether you choose the DIY route or opt for professional help, updating your dashboard lights can significantly enhance your driving experience.

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How Do You Remove a Dashboard light Bulb?

To remove a dashboard light bulb, start by carefully twisting each bulb counterclockwise and pulling it out of the socket. It’s crucial to handle the bulb gently to prevent breaking the glass. If the bulb proves stubborn and cannot be removed by hand, employ a small screwdriver to pry out the bulbs. This method ensures a safe removal without damaging the bulb or the dashboard itself, paving the way for an effortless replacement with your desired color.


To change the color of your car dashboard, employing automotive spray-can primers, paints, and lacquers is an effective method that works wonders on both rigid and flexible plastic parts of the dashboard. The key to achieving a professional and lasting finish lies in meticulous prep work and mastering the correct spraying techniques. This approach ensures a smooth, even coat that revitalizes your dashboard’s appearance, reflecting your unique style and preference.

It’s simpler than it looks to replace dashboard lights. The process involves removing the trim panel and instrument cluster, which, despite sounding intimidating, is more straightforward than anticipated, especially with the guidance of an online factory manual. This resource can demystify the steps involved, providing clarity and confidence to those looking to personalize their vehicle’s interior lighting.

Customizing the interior of your vehicle can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, and installing custom interior car lights is one of the top methods to achieve this. These lights offer the flexibility to update the color and ambiance of your vehicle according to your preferences. Whether you’re aiming for a cool blue light or a vibrant multi-color effect, opting for custom lights is an excellent way to attain a unique look that reflects your style and personality.

Changing the color of your gauge cluster is a straightforward process that involves removing the cluster from your vehicle and disassembling it to gain access to its bare components. The next step is to apply LED Cluster Paint, a specialized product designed for this purpose, following the instructions provided on the package carefully. After the paint has dried, reassemble the cluster and reinstall it in your vehicle. This DIY project can dramatically alter the look of your dashboard, offering a custom feel that reflects your personal style.

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